What we are doing

survey equipmentLandmark Engineering Group is currently working with the Green Bay Levee & Drainage District located on the Mississippi River between Burlington and Fort Madison, Iowa.

Landmark performed design and construction administration for 15 miles of Mississippi and Skunk River levee restoration to repair erosion, restore levee elevations, enhance side slopes and modify levee width.

Concurrently, Landmark provided design and construction administration for sediment removal on a 3-mile section of the Lost Creek drainage way to the Mississippi River. The project was funded by the FEMA Disaster Funding program.

Landmark recently completed engineering evaluation and analysis for FEMA and USACE Levee Certification under 44 CFR 65.10. Preliminary evaluation and analysis for 500-year Levee Certification through FEMA and USACE under Section 408 regulations included modification of earthen levees, pump station rehabilitation, concrete flood wall along roadways and removable bulkheads at river access points.